Work with me


I am looking for new opportunities in life. I am looking for an employment where I can both use my present competences and develop new skills and experiences. In my life I have experienced working in big organizations as well as initiating and developing new organizations. My work experience is mainly from the IT sector, from medical companies and in the NGO/voluntary sector within the field of migration, refugee and LGBT+ causes. I am comfortable with these fields but also find it stimulating to expand into new fields. Throughout my experience I have become skilled in advocating for human rights for LGBT+ refugees, recruiting and coordinating volunteers, developing workshops and trainings for other activists, moderating groups, events and holding speeches. I have a degree in law, which makes my analytical knowledge of advocacy work and processes highly relevant. I can further contribute to an international perspective having work experience from other countries such as Greece, Kuwait and Egypt.

My life experience, both personally and work related within the fields of human rights work, has lead me through challenging environments and situations where big conflicts have had to be solved in a strategic and well planned manner. I have developed great problem solving and conflict management throughout my work with vulnerable groups and subjects.

The work experience that I bring with me from working in companies, trading and marketing I find very useful for NGO´s working for the struggles of LGBT+ communities and intersections with issues affecting these struggles from political as well as structural points of views. I bring with me a set of skills that makes management, organizing, negotiations and networking with partners and members effective and progressive. Much of the success I have had stems from my people skills and ability to communicate with all kinds of persons. I am always ready to be well presented and to represent the organization that I work for in a polite and well articulated way. It is a matter of pride to me to be able to seek new connections and networks with staff, volunteers, members, and collaborative partners.

I have a bachelor in law, which has a lot of benefits in reading and writing formal reports and understanding the patterns of how politics and law works to both benefit and disfavour socially vulnerable groups in society. I hope to bring these qualifications into the workplace as well as the development work that the assignments require.

Organizing and administrating work comes natural to me. I am always a hard worker and have lots of energy. I like to get things done, however I am just as much a strategist and put in efforts to make sure goals within a project are reachable. I hope that my competence and skills are what you are searching for. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to go through to the next step.

Best regards,
Suma Abdelsamie


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